Ready To Wake Up?

Colorvine’s one goal: “Give the people what they want!”

Putting forth 10 tracks of soaring melodies and harmonies reminiscent of multiple genres, this album tugs at whats been missing from the listening experience for quite a while; both depth and the experience. When was the last time you put a piece of vinyl on the player and listened from beginning to end? It doesn’t happen very often. Our hope is that you will all find that experience with “Wake Up”. Each track has been carefully crafted based on years of experience living life and all the joys and challenges each of us go through. The ups and downs, the family laughs and the tears, and most importantly; the pursuit of the Dream!

The lead track “Like A Rocket” sets an urgency that Colorvine has a new message for the listener. One that suggests strongly that it’s time for us all to find the energy and excitement in the listening experience again. Written from the desire to break out of the daily grind and find the passion for music again, this driving anthem will push all listeners to dive deep into “Wake Up” to want more and more!

With the explosive first release “Victory Song”, this energetic anthem celebrates the triumph of winning in all aspects of life. Big harmonies, infectious drum beats, and driving guitars reminiscent of the British invasion, but true to the heartland Rock-N-Roll that the industry has been missing.

The third track and album signature song “Wake Up” may very well have the widest appeal, with the deepest meaning and self-interpretive lyrics. With spacious keyboards, guitars, melodies, and poundings beats, this deep creation will leave you contemplating and searing to hit play over and over again. We hope you’ll find yourself singing the tag line repeatedly to find your own meanings, which is exactly what maturity and authentic song writing brings to a real band — not to mention the true listening experience.

On “Radio Days”, it’s time to bring back that feeling again! This is the true arena anthem…memories of summers past, waiting to hear your favorite song on your favorite station, while hanging with your best girlfriend or buddies! It’s time you lived like this listening experience – the true way track back track, smiling and moving, calling your friends, bragging about an incredible song, and calling the radio station to request it over and over again. That’s what “Radio Days” brings back.

Track 5 is “Change In The Weather” which shows the creative diversity of the band with beautiful acoustics, piano, 4 part harmonies, and a vibe of driving up the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu on your way to Big Sur on a sunny afternoon in July. This song captures everyone’s heart to make a change, break free, drop the job, head out into the desert, and say, “The hell with all of it!. I want to stick it to the man and live life!”

And this is only half way through the album!

With 5 more beautifully crafted tracks to listen to, “Wake up” has redefined what releasing and crafting an album for the listening experience is about. “Give the people what they want”, is what they desired to do. No fluff, no B.S., and no gimmicks, just incredible, heartland-oriented, modern-rock, that excites the listener from Track 1 through Track 10.

We hope you will agree that “Wake Up” is the best release of the new era of Modern Rock!

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Victory Song

from album Wake Up

This energetic anthem celebrates the triumph of winning in all aspects of life. This is music the industry has been missing with big harmonies, infectious drum beats and driving guitars reminiscent of the British invasion, but true to heartland Rock-N-Roll.

Road Out Of Nowhere

Single January 2023