Wake Up (2019)

colorvine band wake up cover

Ten tracks of soaring melodies and harmonies reminiscent of multiple genres, this album tugs at whats been missing from the listening experience for quite a while; both depth and the experience. When was the last time you listened to an entire album from beginning to end? It doesn’t happen very often. Our hope is that you will all find that experience with “Wake Up”. Each track has been carefully crafted based on years of experience living life and all the joys and challenges each of us go through. The ups and downs, the family laughs and the tears, and most importantly; the pursuit of the Dream!

“We are digging the new Colorvine album…sounds like Tower City with a modern edge.” – Tom Martin of VEGA

“Blatantly current and instantly relatable song lyrics with a solid rock foundation. Progressive and retro at the same time…I don’t know if I’m listening to the past or the present.” – Matthew Long of Aftermaster Audio Labs

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Colorvine (1995)

colorvine band wake up cover