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If you prefer a digital download of Wake Up, you can purchase it on iTunes,, Google Play, Amazon UK, and many other digital download sites.


Currently, we are only shipping Wake Up CDs inside the United States via our website. Customers in Europe can purchase Wake Up CDs directly from or via Amazon UK (free Prime UK Delivery).


Hey Guys, Larry Saltis here from Colorvine. On behalf of myself, Heath and Danny, I want to personally thank you for the incredible response to Colorvine’s new music. We’ve had so many messages of inspiration from the fans who related with the words of our first release Victory Song.

We want to encourage our fans to give the gift of music to someone you think will be encouraged or inspired by it. For a limited time, you can get two autographed CDs for under $20 bucks. You keep one, give one away BUT we ask you take a photo with that special someone and send it to us. We’ll share it with other Colorvine fans on social media and use it for a future project.

Thank you Team Colorvine!!!