Ready To Wake Up?

This is our journey and we are bringing all of you with us.

Our musical intent is to have you enjoy the listening experience from track 1 to track 10. The visual is just as important as the listening experience for us. Think back to the times when radios were all you had to bring friends together to hear your favorite band, and MTV set the standard for visual excitement with new styles. We simply want all of you to “Wake Up” and bring back that feeling again!

Join us as we create the music experience once again!

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Latest Reviews

We are blown away by the reviews of our explosive first release “Victory Song”. Please go to our CONNECT Page and tell us what you think!

About Victory Song:

This energetic anthem celebrates the triumph of winning in all aspects of life. Big harmonies, infectious drum beats and driving guitars that will remind you of the British Invasion and Heartland Rock-N-Roll.

“Victory Song is fun, positive and authentic. It’s the kind of song you’ll find yourself humming or singing throughout the day. It’s feel-good music with heart and soul that you just don’t hear in popular music today.”

Shirley Snover

“Victory Song is a brilliant track that recaptures the spirit of anthemic rock missing from most of today’s music.”
David Gutiérrez

“Victory Song is one of those songs that make people get up on their feet to dance, smile and be happy! My son and I have listened to it over 100 times!”
Aileen Mamangun

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Latest Press

Colorvine Brings Back '80s Sound

An Akron band who were seasoned professionals — while still in their teens — has reunited to make a new album, and to tour, for the first time in over a decade…


Radio Interview: WBWC 88.3FM

Todd Richards welcomes Heath and Larry Saltis to his Running Late show to talk about Colorvine “waking up”.